Sleep Disorders

Do You Know Why You’re Losing Sleep?

More than 100 sleep disorders affect all sexes, races and age groups, and the effects range from mere annoyance to life-threatening events.

If your sleep if being disrupted by snoring, restless legs, or other issues, talk to your family doctor about seeing a Virtua sleep specialist to have a sleep study.

Call 1-888-847-8823 to make an appointment.
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Sleepless Night Could Make Morning Pastries Tougher to Resist

MONDAY, Dec. 17, 2018 -- There's a reason that glazed donut might seem even more enticing if you're sleep-deprived: A new study suggests that even one night of lost slumber increases the desirability of junk foods.

But the culprit doesn't appear to be an increase in ghrelin -- the so-called "hunger hormone" -- which has been implicated in prior research focusing on sleep deprivation and poor food choices.

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