Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Have Questions About the Delta Variant of COVID-19? 

How is the Delta variant different from “regular” COVID-19? Do vaccinated people need to be concerned? The situation continues to evolve, and we know you have questions. We sat down with Virtua infectious disease expert Dr. Martin Topiel to break down everything you need to know about the new Delta variant.

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Dr. Topiel’s key takeaway message … 
If you’re not vaccinated yet, don’t wait another day. Leaving yourself vulnerable is a dangerous thing to do. There are dozens of locations in South Jersey where you can quickly and easily get vaccinated. Find the closest location near you, or contact your primary care office to discuss vaccine options. Or, get answers to your questions about vaccine safety.

Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Available at Virtua

Throughout the pandemic, scientists and researchers having joined together to discover treatments that ease symptoms in patients with COVID-19. Virtua Health is providing one of these leading-edge treatments—a monoclonal antibody called Regeneron. Early studies show that monoclonal antibody treatment helps reduce symptoms more quickly in non-hospitalized, high-risk patients who have mild to moderate COVID-19. 

Learn more about this treatment or call at 888-847-8823 for eligibility criteria.